Death and Taxes. Or, well, just Death.


Assateague Island

I had my first story inspiration in weeks this morning.  I decided to poke it and see what happened.  As I followed it along, it resulted in the death of one of my favorite characters.  Which also adds complication to the parallel novel because at the point I thought the idea was coming, that character is still needed elsewhere.  So.  I’m really not sure what to do with it.  Half of me is intrigued and excited because, while I adore this character, his death would certainly add to the conflict of my current MC and it might explain why he is no longer in the other MC’s life at the point of her main story.

I am beginning to realize just how very complicated this story is.  I’ve already written about 5 first drafts of novels contributing that happen in all different sorts of times.  There’s a war (which I’ve been putting off writing until this book) and lots of little battles, some very distinctive societies and races that have to be developed clearly enough to work with, really complicated family trees, and who knows what else.  What have I gotten myself into?

It was either the story with no plot or the one with way too much plot.  I figured at least with too much plot, I’ve got something to work with.  Everyday I wonder if I chose the right one.

Trust the Process, right?