The End is in Sight


Light at the end of the tunnel2

Today, I determined that I can finish the Zero Draft of my book in four scenes.

That’s it.  Four scenes.

Two of them I would like to write out as much as possible, the other two I can really only outline because they will depend on details earlier in the book that I haven’t ironed out yet.  So it’s not even four full scenes, it’s two scenes and two scene outlines.

One of those scenes I’ve been “working on” for about a week now and haven’t even gotten to the meat of because I’m worried about “getting it wrong” (not that you can really get anything wrong in a zero draft…) and don’t have the drive of NaNoWriMo to push me through it.  But now that I know what’s left, now that the end is in sight, I’m hoping I can push through it and finish out by the end of this week.  That was my goal after all, to finish the zero within two weeks of the end of NaNoWriMo and now it actually looks doable.

I have lots of excuses to keep me from the page: Christmas projects I’m already behind on, the early stages of moving, work, etc.—I’m creative; I can always find more.  But it’s time to stamp out those excuses and take a little time to knock this out.  So, here I go to finish the very first full draft of my MFA thesis and my favorite book so far.  Wish me luck!



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