After the Storm


Last night was the most intense thunderstorm I’ve seen in a long time.  The lightning strobed through the sky, a brilliant white, lighting it up like midday.  From time to the sky was filled with an eerie green glow.  The wind and rain tore the yard apart.  I was anxious with my bed so near the windows.  At one point, I heard the creaking crack of wood breaking, but no crash.  I tried to see what had broken, but I didn’t dare look out for long and just hoped that nothing would land on the house.  The power went out shortly after that.

The storm went as quickly as it had come, but it wasn’t until morning that we saw the aftermath.  The porch and yard were strewn with branches and debris.  I didn’t see the branch until later because of the angle, but here are the pictures.  It’s more like half a tree.  No wonder it was audible.

We’ve had a group of men from around the neighborhood gathered to determine the best method for removing the tree with the least amount of damage—to the yard and the fence etc—and, of course, with the most manliness.  Looks like they just need some rope and a chainsaw, but then what would I know?



140619_009 140619_002 140619_003 140619_004 140619_005 140619_006 140619_007 140619_008


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