This week marks a couple of big endings.

Camp NaNoWriMo ended at midnight last night.  My goal was 15,000 words (rather than the typical 50K) because it seemed reasonable and it would be enough to keep me working on one of my writing projects for the packets, but Sarah was very stubborn and I didn’t make it.  I passed 4K on the 29th, so my goal yesterday was to finish out the month with 5K.  Which I did.  I ended camp with 5052.  I also wrote around 5,000 words of William, which was part of why I didn’t write so much of Sarah—Will’s more interesting.  So I totaled out the month with about 10,000 words of creative work along with all the editing I did.  I didn’t reach my goal, but I wasn’t all that invested in winning Camp this time around; it was really just a tool to keep me writing and I achieved that goal, so it worked out alright.

Friday, the 2nd (tomorrow), was the original deadline for my 5th and final packet of the semester, but my advisor had other, more pressing deadlines and so he was slow to return my 4th packet (it should show up tomorrow).  As such, he’s extended my deadline for packet 5: it is now due on the 12th.  I have an extra week to turn in this packet.  I am relieved to have the additional time (both because I wanted to use his feedback on packet 5 and because I now have more time to do the work), but at the same time, I want this semester to be over and now it’s going to be a week longer.  In any case, I have a due date and work to do.  If I can finished the two annotations I was working on tomorrow, then the extra time will be a nice buffer rather than a place to procrastinate to so that I get to keep stressing out over it all.

I feel like this post is very choppy, but I’m very tired.  I was up late last night trying to get to my 5K for Camp, and then I had to be up at 6:30a for work (ugh).  I just wanted to get this out there while I was thinking about it and now I can get on with my day and, hopefully, get some work done.




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