Into the Woods



I’ve been dog-sitting for my parents this past week and during that time, we’ve been going on some interesting walks.  I discovered a river and some forest that runs through some of the neighborhoods a little ways from my house.  There’s a lot of litter and it’s noticeably polluted in places, but it’s quite beautiful over all and the whole feel of it takes me back to Zinthe.  When we went yesterday, we wandered through the woods for over a mile and I took a bunch of pictures with my phone.  The whole sense of it was quite inspirational and add Enya or my LOTR Pandora station, and it really puts me in a place to channel Will.  I wanted to get them all up on my computer and share them here, so I had them in one place (and because I wanted to share the awesome that is woodsy inspiration with ya’ll), but my dumb phone would only send 4 of them, so here they are.  If I can ever get the rest of the pics off my phone, I will post them as well.  The quality isn’t great, because they’re just from my phone; someday I need to get a decent camera and go back through.  In the meantime, enjoy.


140420_001 140423_010 140423_011 140423_012


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